Tense and Very Funny, These 5 Reasons Make Korean Drama 'The Uncanny Counter' Exciting

Tense and Very Funny, These 5 Reasons Make Korean Drama ‘The Uncanny Counter’ Exciting

Futurize Korea – ‘The Uncanny Counter’ succeeded in becoming the highest-rated Korean drama in the history of OCN cable TV station. This proves that the drama that is also available on Netflix is in high demand and successfully entertains the audience from his home country.

Drama ‘The Uncanny Counter’ Exciting

Tense and Very Funny, These 5 Reasons Make Korean Drama ‘The Uncanny Counter’ Exciting.

Then what makes ‘The Uncanny Counter’ so popular with viewers? Let’s have a read the article!

1. Unique story

The drama’s story path was lifted from a popular webtoon titled similarly. And features Yeom Hye Ran, Yoo Joon-sang, Jo Byeong Gyu and Kim Sejeong Gugudan as the main cast.

Story of a group of ghost hunters who used to be called Counters. They are in charge of capturing evil spirits who come down to earth using psychometric abilities by posing as employees at a mi restaurant.

2. Comedy-filled action series

‘The Uncanny Counter’ features genres of fantasy, mystery, and thriller. Like typical of other OCN Korean dramas, ‘The Uncanny Counter’ also presents many action scenes in which the main character is the protagonist.

While presenting a heavily impressed storyline, ‘The Uncanny Counter’ also introduces funny interactions from the characters. The scenes of the comedy being screened will relax the audience first before watching the scene full of tension.

3. Alluding to social issues

Not only entertaining, the story ‘The Uncanny Counter’ also alludes to social issues. The drama features events that occur frequently in South Korea and can be experienced by anyone.

For example like bullying acts experienced by friends of So Moon (Jo Byeong Gyu) at school. Also a murder case that occurred due to economic precipitation and robbery. It also makes viewers sometimes get moved.

4. Totality of its governments

Another attraction that makes this Korean drama exciting is the collaboration of the four main characters as a team. The four have very different strengths, characters, as well as appearances are also unique.

In order to integrate with the characters played, Yeom Hye Ran, Yoo Joon-sang, Jo Byeong Gyu and Kim Sejeong prepare everything with totality.

In the ‘The Uncanny Counter’ press conference event, they said they had to practice martial arts at the action school to look natural while lacquering the action scene. They also often use protective devices, wristbands, and consume supplement.

Jo Byeong Gyu even lost his weight to 10 kg before the filming process began. The director demanded that he reduce his body fat by up to 3 percent for the sake of getting the perfect abdominal muscles.

5. Got a touching message

Yoo Seon-dong as director of ‘The Uncanny Counter’ hopes that the drama will comfort viewers and forget for a moment their concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic. Sejeong said ‘The Uncanny Counter’ has a message that there are still many yan peopleg do good deeds all the time.

In addition, ‘The Uncanny Counter’ also often inserts touching messages for the audience through the dialogue of its characters. The message could be a rebuke or a piece of advice for audiences who may be in similar conditions.


That’s the fifth interesting fact of the drama ‘The Uncanny Counter’. Come on, watch the play soon!

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