No Lucas In Season's Greeting WayV 2022, Pro-Contra Fans

No Lucas In Season’s Greeting WayV 2022, Pro-Contra Fans

SM Entertainment Releases Teaser Photos and Details For Season’s Greeting 2022 WayV

No Lucas In Season’s Greeting WayV 2022, Pro-Contra Fans.

Futurize Korea – Toward the end of the year, it’s time for SM Entertainment to release Season’s Greeting of their artists. The agency raised various opinions from WayV fans after releasing teaser photos for Season’s Greeting 2022.

Today, Monday (1/11), SM Entertainment released teaser photos and details for Season’s Greeting 2022 WayV through their official Twitter account. Fans can start ordering this Season’s Greeting later on November 3.

The photo released by SM Entertainment contains a photo of 6 of 7 members of WayV minus Lucas. Here, Kun and his comrades propose a uniform concept in which they all look handsome wearing pilot uniforms.

Lucas himself is currently on hiatus after several netizens exposed him a while ago and stated that he was in a relationship with them simultaneously. Lucas apologized and stopped his entire activities in both Korea and dChinese.

The release of this 2022 teaser and details Season’s Greeting brings out a variety of reactions from WayV fans. The topic “Where is Lucas” is also trending topic on Twitter where fans question why Lucas was not included.

“It feels so wrong to see this without Lucas. SM, where’s Lucas?” comments the fans. “He is on hiatus. But for the sake of fans, can’t SM include him in Season’s Greeting?” another fan said. “Of course Lucas won’t show up in any WayV content. He is on hiatus, don’t look for him,” said another.

“‘Where’s Lucas?’ You all sound stupid. He’s on hiatus and probably won’t come back unless SM tells us what’s going on,” the fans said. “Stop asking Lucas. Why don’t you ask where Sungchan-Shotaro is?” another addeda.

Meanwhile, 5 members of WayV except Lucas and Winwin who are shooting dramas in China participated in the SM Wonderland Halloween Party. They cosplay various characters starting Kaonashi, Venom, Kaneki Ken, Ciel Phantomhive, and The CriminaI in “Detective Conan”.

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