Light and Feel-Brought, Here Are 6 Reasons Why Korean Drama 'Run On' Is Interesting

Light and Feel-Brought, Here Are 6 Reasons Why Korean Drama ‘Run On’ Is Interesting

Futurize Korea – For those who are in need of a romantic meal with a light story, the Korean drama ‘Run On’ might be the best choice. Released on Netflix and TV station JTBC, the drama is entertaining and exciting enough to follow.

6 reasons that make the Korean drama ‘Run On’ highly recommended

Light and Feel-Brought, Here Are 6 Reasons Why Korean Drama ‘Run On’ Is Interesting.

For those of you who haven’t watched, here are six reasons that Korean drama ‘Run On’ is highly recommended. This review could possibly be an answer to why ‘Run On’ deserves to be included in your watchlist reference.

1. Themes and concepts of interesting stories

‘Run On’ offers interesting themes and concepts that are different from most mainstream Korean dramas. Tells a story about the love story of a short-distance running athlete with a foreign film translator.

It is told of Ki Seon Gyeom (Im Si Wan), a popular and innocent national sprinter. Thanks to an unexpected incident, she was later reunited with a foreign film interpreter named Oh Mi-joo (Shin Se Kyung). The unexpected encounter became the beginning of his second story.

2. Each character has its own unique character

In line with his interesting story, ‘Run On’ is colored by unique characters. Each character has his own role to liven up the ‘Run On’ story.

In addition to Ki Seon Gyeom and Oh Mi-joo, the other characters who stole attention in ‘Run On’ are Seo Dan A (Sooyoung SNSD) a CEO of the athlete’s agency, as well as art student Lee Young Hwa (Kang Tae Oh).

3. Intelligent dialogue

One of the attractions of the Korean drama ‘Run On’ is the witty dialogues that the characters uttered. Those dialogues could be advice or perhaps a slap to an audience who are in the same condition.

“No one is born to be able to endure all the pain. So don’t always try to look okay, if that’s what you’re doing right now,” one of Oh Mi-joo’s wise words to Ki Seon Gyeom.

4. Natural main character chemistry

The interaction that Im Si Wan and Shin Se Kyung displayed as the main pair in ‘Run On’ is quite natural. Both of them were able to display adorable chemistry that made many baper viewers.

The figure of Ki Seon Gyeom is described as a very innocent figure but always speaks as it is. That nature can be balanced by Oh Min Joo the tough girl who is strong and independent.

5. Firm and authoritative female figures

Indirectly, the story of ‘Run On’ also alluded to the misogyny issue which is the syndrome of hatred toward women. This can be seen from Seo Myeong Min (Lee Shin Ki)’s treatment of Seo Dan A.

Seo Myeong-min’s character is told to always look down on Seo Dan A who is considered unfit to lead their family company. The reason is simple, which is because Seo Dan A is a woman.

Seo Dan A and almost all the female figures in ‘Run On’ are described as firm, tough, independent, and authoritative figures. In this drama the audience will not see the weak female character who is oppressed.

6. Cool editing and cinematography techniques

All five points above are wrapped up with cool editing technique and cinematography. Therefore, the eyes of the audience will be pampered with the beautiful selection of effects, filters, and the way the production team combines the pieces of per pieces of the story scene.

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