Aespa's Karina And NCT's Jungwoo Suspected of Anything Because of These 6 'Proofs'

Aespa’s Karina And NCT’s Jungwoo Suspected of Anything Because of These 6 ‘Proofs’

Aespa’s Karina And NCT’s Jungwoo Relationship Who Suddenly Climbed To Top Trending Forum Korea Nate Pann.

Futurize Korea – Korean netizens recently pointed out six things cited as evidence that Karina aespa and NCT’s Jungwoo had a special relationship. Actually, the rumor has been circulating on the Korean Internet forum for some time, but the latest post on Pann is trending.

In recent months, there have been some young idols who have suddenly been mentioned in dating rumors. Recently, dating rumors have re-emerged, and this time both are SM Entertainment artists.

On October 29, fans were shocked by a series of postings questioning Karina and Jungwoo’s sudden rise to the top trending Korean forum Nate Pann. Posts were accompanied by hundreds of comments left in no time.

In the hottest post on Pann at the moment, Korean netizens have made a list of 6 situations that led Karina and Jungwoo to be suspected of anything. All information is Korean netizens’ speculation only.

First about acronyms. Karina and Jungwoo mentioned two identical acronyms twice, including “다줄”” [“Byul-Da-Juj which means people keep shortening/shortening”] and “저치치”” [“Oh-Jeo-Chi-Go which means let’s eat fried chicken tonight.”]

Second, it is said that Karina and Jungwoo uploaded images of cloudy skies in Bubble simultaneously. Whereas the third “proof” is they have similar playlist recommendations.

The fourth is an emoticon. This is also the reason why the dating rumor among them suddenly broke out. Many people point out that “__0” is an unusual emoticon. However Karina sering uses it when sending messages in Bubble. And on October 28, Jungwoo suddenly used this emoticon in NCT 127’s official Twitter post.

Fifth, it is mentioned that Karina and Jungwoo use the same trending word in an uncomfortable way. Both use “skrrr skr” (컬스스),), which refers to the noise produced by friction between the wheels and the ground when the car is suddenly rejuvenated or changes direction. To describe this sound, Koreans prefer to use the word “○○.”

The sixth at once final “proof” was the pizza incident. Netizens wrote, “The most suspicious was on the day the teaser was released with the scene of Jungwoo eating pizza, Karina suddenly posted on Bubble a picture of eating pizza in anime and said it was funny.”

While SM Entertainment has yet to respond to rumors of dating between Karina and Jungwoo, many netizens believe that they are dating. According to netizens, the above evidence is quite reasonable. Yet fans find everything ridiculous. What do you think of that?

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