5 Things That Make Korean Drama 'Sweet Home' Exciting to Watch

5 Things That Make Korean Drama ‘Sweet Home’ Exciting to Watch

Futurize Korea – ‘Sweet Home’ became one of Netflix’s most talked-about original Korean dramas behind this. The series lifted from this same titled webtoon was starred by Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Lee Do Hyun, and Kim Nam Hee.

For those of you who haven’t watched, here are five reasons why ‘Sweet Home’ is interesting. This review could possibly be a consideration to include ‘Sweet Home’ in your watchlist.

Drama ‘Sweet Home’ Exciting to Watch

5 Things That Make Korean Drama ‘Sweet Home’ Exciting to Watch.

1. Tension-filled story

By brooding the horror thriller genre, ‘Sweet Home’ is quenching the suspenseful storyline. Throughout the episode, viewers will be made gregarious with action scenes performed by human characters with monsters.
Tells a story about Cha Hyun Soo (Song Kang), a lonely high school student. After losing both of his parents to tragic events, he chose to move into a new apartment building called Green Home.

In the apartment he then experienced various strange events. Cha Hyun Soo is faced with a series of shocking and frightening events as the humans around her suddenly begin to turn into monsters.

2. CGI effect appears real

‘Sweet Home’ received a lot of praise from viewers because the effects and animation of the monster in its story are very similar to the webtoon version. The Korean drama reportedly cost 2.4 million USD (about Rp. 34 billion) in funding per episode.

Such a large budget is needed to create heavy graphics and animations from the fantasy perspective of the story. Because some characters are presented in the form of monsters that certainly require a lot of effort and funding for CGI.

3. Drawings of diverse characters

Because the setting of the story takes place in the apartment, ‘Sweet Home’ features diverse characters who are residents of Green Home itself. Starting with housewives, students, part-timers, firefighting members, and soldiers.

Each character has a difference in appearance and very striking nature. This often causes problems and differences of opinion between them. The drama depicts how they fought together in the face of d monster attacksas to the difference one has.

4. Acting of the cast

The success of this Korean drama also falls short of the abilities of the actresses and actors playing the part. They are able to integrate with the characters played so as to channel the emotions of the characters to the audience.

In addition, the action scenes in the action also look so intense and cool that it makes ‘Sweet Home’ even more breathtaking.

5. Women supremacy

The female characters in the drama also have a very important role in the fight against monsters. They don’t just sit around and take cover behind male characters.
They recreated creating protective devices, daring to fight in the front guard, and set up strategies. As well as in some scenes looks more dominating than male characters.


That’s the fifth interesting thing you can get after watching the drama ‘Sweet Home’. Make sure this cool drama is on the list of dramas you want to watch yes!

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