5 Facts Wonpil DAY6, Idol with Unique Charm Make Fall In Love!

5 Facts Wonpil DAY6, Idol with Unique Charm Make Fall In Love!

Futurize Korea – Wonpil ‘DAY6’ was born on April 28, 1994 nih. Do you include Wonpil’s fans ‘DAY6’ who fell in love with this unique charm?

Let’s find out. Let’s find out the unique facts about him that can make us auto fall in love!

5 Facts Wonpil DAY6

5 Facts Wonpil DAY6, Idol with Unique Charm Make Fall In Love!

1. Keyboardist Trap Synthesizer

Early in his debut so DAY6 member, Wonpil took the position of synthesizer. After one of DAY6’s other members, however, Junhyeok who took the position of keyboardist came out, Wonpil even embrace so keyboardist too. The fyi, the keyboard and synthesizer were almost similar.

The difference is, if the synthesizer is a type of keyboard in which variations of various sounds can be altered and combined with beaconsa another up to form a new sound.

Good at Making Songs Even The Lyrics!

2. It’s no secret that the entire DAY6 song was made by their own members.

Wonpil was among the members who played a very big role against DAY6’s songs. Besides making his songs, Wonpil is also very good at making lyrics that make baper in DAY6 songs.

I’m afraid Wonpil must be a romantic type of guy, anyway and good at it, hi-hi.

3. Called as an Idol with 4D

The 4D personality in the Kpop world is not unfamiliar to talk about. There are some idols called having 4D personalities where those who used to look perfect sometimes can also be very youcu, absurd, super active, cranky, immersed in their own world, even cute!

Well, Wonpil has this 4D nickname, and we sometimes have a hard time guessing what he’s going to do next because Wonpil’s behavior is really true randoms!

Sungjin, the leader of DAY6, also said that Wonpil asked him random things, such as, “Are you a bear?” OMG Wonpil, Sungjin’s period is said to be a bear, ha-ha.

4. Never Be Angry!

DAY6 member said that Wonpil was one of the people who never looked angry. In a sense, Wonpil is a kind of guy who is patient and can handle his problems with a cold head and not in a hurry.

But Wonpil is not the one who covers his feelings, but if he feels sad then he must be satisfied.

5. Likes to Praise Others’ Eyes

Wonpil is an eye lover. He enjoys praising the beauty of the eyes that people have. One of the people he always admires the beauty of his eyes is Sungjin!

We agree. Yes, that Sungjin does have beautiful eyes and Wonpil always says that on every occasion he does can. If your eyes are praised by Wonpil, what about girls?

Final Words

That is the fifth fact of Korean band group member Day6. Haven’t you been with Wonpil yet?

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