5 Facts Dita Karang Secret Number and Struggle to Become Indonesia's First K-Pop Idol

5 Facts Dita Karang Secret Number and Struggle to Become Indonesia’s First K-Pop Idol

Futurize Korea – Dita Karang Secret Number is a K-Pop idol originating in Indonesia. Her interest in artistry, especially dance art since belia and hard work has led her to become a star so shining as it is now.

The fact Dita Karang Secret Number has continued to be the talk since the beginning of her debut. Apart from being able to be trusted to take the position of play dancer in the group, Dita Karang is also a proud member of the Indonesian community, tespecially the K-Pop fans.

Although he had quite difficulty in speaking Korean at first, he now serves as a bridgehead for other members to get to know the Indonesian language and cuisine. Well, if you guys want to find out more about the fact Dita Karang Secret Number, go live just check out the following information.

Facts Dita Karang, Secret Number

5 Facts Dita Karang Secret Number and Struggle to Become Indonesia’s First K-Pop Idol.

1. Dita Karang Secret Number, Indonesia’s First K-Pop Idol

Before Dita Karang Secret Number was actually already Loudi who debuted with group 14U in 2017 and Vanya who debuted with group Z-GIRLS in 2019 in South Korea. However, Dita Karang was later considered the first K-Pop idola who is from Indonesia. There are some things said to be cited as reasons for the birth of such supposition.

Although originally from Indonesia, Loudi who is now disbanded is of Korean-Chinese descent. Meanwhile, Z-GIRLS, the group Vanya is considered to be a group inspired by K-Pop instead of K-Pop itself. Cause the reasons said, Dita Karang is said to be Indonesia’s first ethnic K-Pop idol.

2. Dita Karang Secret Number Has Been in Education in America

Dita Karang Secret Number is known to continue her education at American and Dramatic Academy, New York after graduating from high school. Dita Karang majored in Dance and Performing Arts. After graduating in 2017, she took an audition and was accepted.

Next, she underwent a trainee at the Born Star Training Center in New York. Not only that, it turns out that he also had time to join the famous dance community in South Korea, namely 1MILLION Dance Studio.

No wonder that Dita Karang’s dance skills are so outstanding, she has started practicing since young and decided seriously to become a perfomer since high school. She has also entered the dance cover competition with her friends to channeling the hobby.

3. Dita Karang Secret Number Gets Support from Dian Sastrowardoyo

The news that Dita Karang who debuted as a member of Secret Number is not only horrendous to netizens and K-Pop fans in Indonesia. In fact, Dian Sastrowardoyo, the actress who has starred in many of the films also contributed to the proud cheering. Viewing Dian, netizens so wonder about the special relationship between the two.

Until finally it was known that Dian had known the idol from Yogyakarta for a long time. This opened after the two did Instagram Live on May 24, 2020. Not only that, Dian even testified that Dita Karang was indeed has been showing his talent since childhood.

“I knew very well from a young elementary school student she struggled with dance lessons every day. What, from ballet, ballroom dance, and then this kid ventured to wake up and talk about fate in the musical theatre world at Broadway NewYork, with flying hours. He’s been in and out of auditions for years, business has been denied and doesn’t get that role. It’s been a daily meal,” Dian wrote on her Instagram.

Their closeness began when Dian was undergoing the process of making a DRUPADI film in Yogyakarta. Dian said that like a boarding school boy who had lived at Dita Karang’s house while in Yogyakarta.

“So I’m sempeted so I’m like a boarding boy at Dita’s house,” Dian said.

4. Dita Karang Secret Number Frequently Fails Auditions, Including JKT48 Auditions

Before becoming such a shining star as it is now, Dita Karang had already passed so hard and long a journey. While in America, for example, he applied to various musical drama agencies and failed repeatedly. Competition with other applicants are not easy.

Not only in America, Dita Karang turned out to be thinking about going on a career in Indonesia and trying to make it happen through the JKT48 audition. Too bad, Dita Karang didn’t pass the audition. Even so, Dita Karang never gives up and continued his struggle to career in the entertainment world.

Eventually, she decided to career as a K-Pop idol, a music she’s actually been familiar with since young. His dream slowly came true as he took refuge in his agency VINE Entertainment and underwent training for two years before she debuted with Secret Number in 2020.

5. Dita Karang Secret Number Becomes a Bridge for Other Members to Know Indonesian Language and Culinary

Although Dita Karang’s early arrival in South Korea has been a rough day because it has to be rough language every day, now he’s a bridge for other members to get to know Indonesian. Due to the initial difficulties, Dita was thought to have been quiet by Soodam because she didn’t seem to talk much. Whereas he is not good at Korean yet.

In fact, Dita Karang also felt nervous at debut because she felt that her pronunciation was in Korea’s language hasn’t surfed another member. Difficulties he got on tape, too. Dita said, “The recording time was like it couldn’t be, because my part was really fast too, vocabulary didn’t come out, “You can’t do it again.”

Now his dangerous ability is beyond doubt. In fact, she taught other members instead is familiar with Indonesian. She also often cooks Indonesian menus for the members. “To the other friends too I once believed Indonesian cuisine back then, they were on like, most like was balado, fried rice, corn bakwan,” Dita said.


Well, that’s a number of facts Dita Karang Secret Number that are considered K-Pop idols once from Indonesia.

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