5 Facts about Korean Drama 'Mr. Queen's Attractive to the Audience

5 Facts about Korean Drama ‘Mr. Queen’s Attractive to the Audience

Futurize Korea – ‘Mr. Queen’ became one of the most popular Korean dramas these days. Not only in her home country, this drama starring Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun has also succeeded in entertaining international audiences through her exciting and comedy-filled story.

Since its premiere on December 12, 2020, ‘Mr. Queen’ is often the warmest topic of conversation on social media. It is no wonder that all matters related to this drama are always interesting to discuss.

In the article this time, Review Korean Drama will discuss regarding the five facts of the matter ‘Mr. Queen’ is interesting to know by the audience. Let’s get started.

5 Facts about Korean Drama ‘Mr. Queen’s

5 Facts about Korean Drama ‘Mr. Queen’s Attractive to the Audience.

1. Adapted from Chinese web series

The story ‘Mr. Queen’ was lifted from the Chinese web series titled ‘Go Princess Go’ which is an adaptation of the novel Princess Amity. Originally the production team intended to adapt the novel Princess Amity to the drama ‘Mr. Queen’. But, they actually bought Dar’s licensy ‘Go Princess Go’ that adapted the novel.

The drama is about a man named Jang Bong-hwan, a successful modern-day chef who works at the home of the president of Korail. Due to an unexpected incident, his soul was later trapped in the body of a queen from the Joseon Dynasty period.

2. Fantastic first episode rating

‘Mr. Queen’ seems to be a fresh breeze for viewers who miss the Korean drama genre Sageuk aka royal times. The first episode ‘Mr. Queen’s success received positive reception and Korean audiences to the point of successfully scoring fantastic ratings.

According to data released by Nielsen Korea, the first episode ‘Mr. Queen’ managed to gain an average rating of 8 percent and peaked at 9.9 percent.

Not only did it surpass the highest ratings of the drama ‘Start-Up’, it also made ‘Mr. Queen’ came in second as a Korean drama on a cable TV station that achieved the highest rating in the premiere episode. Being under the drama’s position Mr. Sunshine’ yang grabbed an 8.9 percent rating for its first episode in 2018.

3. YG Entertainment production

Not many know that ‘Mr. Queen’ is produced by YG Entertainment, an entertainment agency in Korea that is home to a string of musicians such as BLACKPINK, BIGBANG, WINNER, iKON, TREASURE, and AKMU. Yup, not just moving in the music field, YG Entertainment also took part in the process of producing Korean drama content.

‘Mr. Queen’ became the second Korean drama produced by YG Entertainment through YG STUDIOPLEX’s sub-label. Previously it was they who produced the drama ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’.

4. Tripping controversy

Amid its popularity, this drama that aired on tvN and VIU later stumbled over controversy and received much criticism from Korea netizens for being considered to be harassing the history of carousel. They criticized about how ‘Mr.

In response to this, the production authorities finally apologized and agreed with netizens’ complaints that the dialogue of the scene in question was inappropriate. They also confirmed they had no intention of poorly portraying a number of historical figures.

5. The filming process was stopped due to COVID-19

The filming process’ Mr. Queen’ was temporarily suspended because there was a supporting actor who was confirmed positive for being infected with COVID-19. This quick step was taken in anticipation of the worst possible outcome.
All involved staff are then obliged to conduct health tests and self-quarantine.

The new filming resumed after everyone who participated in ‘Mr. Queen’ was declared a COVID-19 negative.


That’s the fifth interesting fact of the play ‘Mr. Queen’, have you watched it?

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