10 Unique Facts Shin Ryujin ITZY

10 Unique Facts Shin Ryujin ITZY

Futurize Korea – On February 12, 2019, JYP Entertainment released a rookie girl group called ITZY. ITZY has as many members as five people who were mostly born in the early 2000s. The five members were Yeji, Ryujin, Chareyeong, Lia and Yuna.

Here are some facts about Ryujin ITZY

10 Unique Facts Shin Ryujin ITZY.

1. This beautiful girl named Shin Ryujin is an ITZY member born in 2001.

2. Ryujin is a fan boygroup GOT7

3. Not only is he good at singing and dancing, Ryujin also once showed his acting talent by becoming a cameo in “The King” in 2017

4. Ryujin was once one of JTBC’s survival show “MIXNINE” participants who earned first place for MIXNINE Girls

5. Hyun Suk once offered Ryujin to join YG Entertainment. Ryujin refuses and chooses to stick to JYP

6. While a trainee, Ryujin also performed as a model for the BTS video “LOVE YOURSELF HIGHLIGHT REEL” with J-Hope and Jimin

7. After becoming a trainee for 4 years, Ryujin debuted with ITZY

8. Beautiful and mesmerizing visuals make Ryujin the center of ITZY

9. Ryujin’s position inside the group is as Main Rapper, Vocalist and Lead Dancer

10. Ryujin is a student at Hanlim Multi Art School of Art in Practical Dance

Final Words

Those are the 10 unique facts of pretty Ryujin ITZY.

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